Let’s Play – Amanda Jane McKay


Wholeheartedly You

If you want to:

Stand as a visionary leader for change

Speak on stage

Create your own platform…. than this is for you

If the video below resonates with you book in to Activate Your Visionary Leadership

“When up-levelling it can be a time where you feel a range of emotions, but you also want to feel safe and secure for who you are whilst doing so.

Amanda Jane McKay provides this to her 1:1 clients, whilst also being able to help you to push further through barriers towards your goals.

During my mentoring with Amanda I have been able to successfully register and launch my photography business, start an empowering group for women relating to increasing their self love, plus consciously dedicate myself to goals I previously was to scared to even mention.

Whilst maintaining my priorities and balanced lifestyle with my young family, which is so important to me and so many I know.

If you’re looking for someone to help push you, in a supporting way.

To know when to have fun but also when to be serious.

A leader for you who demonstrates what its like to completely embody their vision.

Then there is, in my opinion, no one better than Amanda Jane McKay.”

– Emma Rolfe (ELR Photography and Creator of 52 Selfies for Self Love)

Wholehearted Connection

No one is YOU and that is your power.

A incredible two month journey that will change the way you view yourself and the world. Find out more about the program and what others have said HERE

Wholehearted Coaching 1:1

I offer an incredible personalised service which I tailor to YOU!

I come in and reorganise your space, help you get in alignment with what is important and create a simpler, healthier lifestyle for you (and your family). We work together to put an inspired plan in place and clear action steps.

It’s time to be the someone you want to be, time to wake up feeling grateful and go to bed thankful, a life where you know you’re contributing and being your best self.

Dinners With Connection


An intimate night with conscious conversation and every little detail has been taken care of to create a beautiful, special and unique evening. Whether it is a much needed girls night, gathering of like minded people, or a night to make some new friends or a business wanting to connect and share ideas.

Everything on the table is a conversation starter, food from a local farm, candles that purify the air, glasses that put good intentions in the water, the right mood is set, beautiful souls with open minds will be attracted to the night. Conversations will be of high vibration, uplifting and fun. People will leave the evening with their heart filled with inspiration. The best part… you didn’t really have to do a thing!

I love to work with people and business that share the same values as me to create a lovely evening to be remembered by all.

Private Workshops

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