When up-levelling it can be a time where you feel a range of emotions, but you also want to feel safe and secure for who you are whilst doing so.

Amanda Jane McKay provides this to her 1:1 clients, whilst also being able to help you to push further through barriers towards your goals.

During my mentoring with Amanda I have been able to successfully register and launch my photography business, start an empowering group for women relating to increasing their self love, plus consciously dedicate myself to goals I previously was to scared to even mention.

Whilst maintaining my priorities and balanced lifestyle with my young family, which is so important to me and so many I know.
If you’re looking for someone to help push you, in a supporting way. To know when to have fun but also when to be serious.

A leader for you who demonstrates what its like to completely embody their vision.
Then there is, in my opinion, no one better than Amanda Jane McKay.

Emma Rolfe

ELR Photography and Creator of 52 Selfies for Self Love

The workshop is a must have for any woman that finds she needs direction in her life to truly live an inspired life. Amanda and Kate ran a beautiful workshop that connect other women in a loving and nurturing way. Their energy and enthusiasm were contagious and left you wanting more. I loved the activities, especially the values setting. We are all unique and each have different dreams, if you want to know how to take that next step to get those dreams rolling then the “inspired life” workshop is for you!

Love and light,


Have you ever been on a positive path where you are heading towards your “happily ever after”…. you thought!! Then somehow the plan got changed – you got a boyfriend – got married – started a business – bought a house – got pregnant – had a baby – you strayed off your path, you got lost and forgot yourself.

Kate and Amanda have helped me to remember. They have given me the tools through positive affirmations – daily meditation – value sets, to get back onto my life’s path. Even though the distractions are still there, I am more equipped to move into the future I want to create.

Kaliste Lane

From the first time I met Amanda I have been impressed with her enthusiasm, genuineness and extensive knowledge.

Susanne Jones

Thank you Amanda. Had an awesome consultation with Amanda where I learned so much!

Chad Parkes

I now feel more relaxed and confident in how to choose healthy products and avoid the unhealthy ones

James Ryan