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The year has flown by and for my next Earth Angel in the series (and the last one for 2015) is Kate Wright. She is soon to be Hay House Author, a Winner of Young Business Executive of the Year (Rhino Awards for Business Excellence), writer for the Dubbo Weekender and runs her own business […]

I woke up, it’s still dark outside and I am excited. Sometimes on this morning I am tired but I never want to sleep in even though it may be warmer under the covers then outside. I am motivated by the fact that if I stay where feels comfortable I will miss out on starting […]

Remember hearing the Ice Cream truck as a child? For me, this was a rare occasion, as I lived on a farm. When I was in town, I am sure I had the same reaction as most children do when they hear that recognisable tune playing: ICCCEEEE CREEEEAAAMMM!!! I should have known Ice Cream demos would […]

As I stood there I realised I had taken one bus, two trains and another bus and was right back where I had started. My fourth day in London and I was lost again. I, an ex flight attendant who had been to London a number of times, was making a fool of myself in […]

When I arrived into Byron Bay I just couldn’t wait to get NAKED, so after a morning walk I typed the address into my iPhone and found the right spot. Naked Treaties a little shop I had admired over Facebook with their guilt free treats that are Raw, organic, gluten free, sugar free but most […]

I arrived at the industrial area of Marrikville, Sydney, a little sleepy from an early morning flight that followed only 2 hours sleep.  Arriving at the building it was so clear I was at the right place , not just because I was greeted with Paul’s smile (who made it to a recent Paleo dinner […]

In my teens I continually had pains in my stomach, thinking it was a normal part of growing I just used to put up with it. However when the pains started to get worse and became a stabbing pain, I began to realise maybe this wasn’t a normal part of growing up… The doctors said […]

What a great night! As a few people were unsure what Paleo was all about I asked Wassim (Owner of Sprout Cafe) to cook for the first official Paleo Potluck Dubbo night. This allowed people could get into the swing of things in a comfortable and friendly environment. People have been nagging me for days […]

What can I say? Allan Savory is truly an inspiration and it was such a pleasure to meet him. I have seen first hand how his ideas can create a transformation not only in the landscape but the ecology as well. People have a more positive attitude towards agriculture when they understand how ecological health […]

“I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.”                                             […]