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As I looked at the picture I was certain my fiancé pants were…. Red? As a young girl a Wedding Day seems like a huge deal, it’s a day you will always remember forever. I’ve always been a huge believer in love and although there were times I almost nearly gave up something would push […]

The year has flown by and for my next Earth Angel in the series (and the last one for 2015) is Kate Wright. She is soon to be Hay House Author, a Winner of Young Business Executive of the Year (Rhino Awards for Business Excellence), writer for the Dubbo Weekender and runs her own business […]

You know that feeling when something has triggered an emotion, you can feel it swelling up inside and you try to control it? You have moments where your eyes water up but you tell yourself to stay in control but the next thing that salty tear runs down your cheek and you say what the […]

Ever felt like all your efforts went unnoticed? Wondered when you will make everyone happy? When will it be good enough? How disappointing it feels when you are trying to do something you believe is good and someone one you don’t even know throws something negative at you. Gives you their opinion in a way […]

The day Rhys knelt beside my bed to ask me to marry him, because I wouldn’t get out of bed and go to the beach, is a day I will never forget! Just as you start to spread the news to all your loved ones and you want to live in this moment forever, someone […]

This incredible lady is Tahnee Barnes and she is the second person to feature in my Earth Angel Series. I’m the kind of girl who when I had trouble sleeping during my flight attendant days would fall asleep listening to David Attenborough podcasts, the stories he tell and the things he discovered about animals just […]

When was the last time you felt truly comfortable in your own skin? When was the last time you gave yourself compassion and allowed yourself to devote time to the things you truly wanted without feeling guilty? Have you ever felt so sad, so disappointed in yourself that you felt like your heart was broken? […]

It was just before sunrise when he asked me to come with him. I rolled over, told him “Not today”, if only I knew. To be honest I’m not really a fan of Valentines day. I do however love, love. I have always thought that love is real magic (maybe I watched too many Disney […]