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What is the belief you currently have about happiness? Are you living with the belief that when you achieve something or have something than you’ll be happy? Recently I heard someone say when they win the lottery then they will do things they want to do. We’ve all played this game. When I am _______(successful, […]

When people tell me they are scared of getting started on an idea or vision because they are scared of failing I feel for them. Failure feels so real, feels as though it can tear our world apart and that there would be no coming back from it. Yet truth is failure isn’t even real! […]

Well it’s a big question to ask: “What am I meant to do” It’s overwhelming, can leave us feeling confused and even stuck. I find when people come to me with this question they feel caught up in their mind trying to figure this out (in non action) rather than in an inspired space where […]

It’s funny how things pop up at the right moment – funny yet magical! Fun fact. I come from family of hoarders (on one side) and I myself have become the queen of decluttering so much so family members let me lose at their house sometimes. At times it honestly drives my husband insane he’s […]

MEET KEL: Hi my name is Kelly Green, I am a third generation spiritual healer, following in my Great Grandmothers foot steps. As a child I would see angel orbs and all sorts of spiritual beings. In 2012 though I had a huge spiritual awakening and have honoured my intuitive and healing path by studying […]

MEET BEBE:   Definitely part of the light worker family, I am just like you: a divine spiritual being having a human experience. I am absolutely passionate about sacred convergence and ancient traditional energy healing tools to bring our human selves in union with our divine, realigning our souls with Gaia, Father Sky and the Great Mystery. But most of all, just like you, I will never […]

“Call it eco-fashion if you like, but I just think it’s common sense” Livia Firth   Those who know me well, know I am not impressed when people tell me they got a top for only $5. I’ve been to Bangladesh and my heart knows that no way could a tops true cost only be […]

ABOUT AMIE Well to give some context to my background I was born in NZ to kiwi parents but left here when I was two years old and spent my childhood and the first half of my teenage years overseas. I grew up in a country called Tajikistan where my parents did humanitarian aid work […]

Here are 17 Instagram accounts that inspire me to live The Wholehearted Way. These are not in any particular order. If you want to check out the Instagram account from this blog click the names (in green) they are live links. 1/. @muradosmann A post shared by Murad Osmann (@muradosmann) on Aug 15, 2014 at […]

Ever felt like all your efforts went unnoticed? Wondered when you will make everyone happy? When will it be good enough? How disappointing it feels when you are trying to do something you believe is good and someone one you don’t even know throws something negative at you. Gives you their opinion in a way […]