Speaking - Amanda Jane McKay


Amanda is an Author, Speaker and Lifestyle Coach who is down to earth yet extremely passionate on her mission to get people to reconnect… to themselves, each other and this beautiful and unique ecosystem we are apart of.

This passion was ignited in her from when she was born into a family who were inspired to creating positive change for future generations. Her life experiences built on the values taught by her family and grew her passion to the point it became a way of life.

How heartbreaking it is to feel disconnected to forget the importance of us as an individual and how we can make a contribution each and everyday. Not only that but to step into and create a simpler, happier and let’s not forget more beautiful lifestyle where you inspire others to look at their own lives and make improvements.

Amanda loves to be interactive and engage with her audience, to get them asking why when they look at the world (not just accept it), to become responsible and awaken people to realities of our time… but never leaves them feeling burdened or overwhelmed as she shares how to break these habits and gives simple solutions that actually work!

She lovingly intertwines her story in her speech, shares her quirkiness and makes the audience feel as though she’s just a friend they can open up to and ask for advice.

Amanda is a shining example of someone being kind, thoughtful and friendly along the way to making ours a better world to live in.
– Mike Coward

Past Events:

The Wild Ones September 2017

Embody Your Rawness September 2016

Immersion Weekend

She is available to speak about the following topics:

Reconnection – how to reconnect to ourselves, others and the eco system

Chemicals – can’t live with them, can’t live without them. How we can reduce chemicals and why things need to change.

Plastics – disposable vs necessary

Impact of plastics on our health, environment and future generations.

Breath Easy – 10 tips to improve air quality in your home. The average home is five times more toxic than the outside air.

Green Cleaning – What’s in our products? How did they get there? What are the alternatives?

Beauty and the Eco – true costs of beauty, how to find the hidden toxins and nasties and more importantly avoid them.


Become an Earth Friendly Human

Don’t think your actions and choices make much of an impact? Think again.

Explore if one person can really make a difference?

Discover how to reconnect.

Decrease Waste.

Save Money.

Find simple easy solutions to some of the world’s problems.


Become An Earth Friendly Human


Please note Amanda now only runs this workshop on request. However if you would like there is an online course based on this talk:

Become An Earth Friendly Human Online


Amanda I believe is our Earth Crusader, who by conducting informative workshops is bringing individuals into consciousness of the damage being caused by human consumerism with their egos ruling their behaviour. Amanda reminds us of the urgency and encourages us to be called to account, with just one small action and adjusting our behaviour will have a positive impact on our precious Earth.

– Eleanor Cook

Blocks and Boundaries

At this fun interactive and intimate workshop you will:

  • Overcome what no longer serves you
  • Begin to take responsibility for your life
  • Deepen your relationship with others
  • Walk away with life changing tools to show up authentically
  • Learn to be confident in what you stand for (including loving boundaries you set)



I know how heartbreaking it is to feel disconnected from the world, to feel all hope is lost, to forget who you are, your truth and wonder if you have anything to offer.

That’s why I created this workshop. Being able to move past blocks and set loving boundaries changed my life. That is no exaggeration, trust me.

Being all love and light is also about being strong in what you stand for, kind hearted and lovingly able to create a healthy environment around you.

Your lifestyle is your message. What will yours be?

Limited to 6 spaces.

Amanda is happy to create talks and workshops for groups and businesses and has already done. Some examples are:

Dubbo City Council who wanted to encourage staff to be more eco friendly.

Amanda presented in a very professional and engaging manner. She did a fantastic job explaining the amounts and types of dangerous chemicals hidden in a variety of cleaning products. What was even better is her ability to demonstrate how we can utilise natural products to clean our homes. The staff who attended were inspired and many changed the way they go about cleaning in their own homes. It was fantastic to see there were simple solutions for using natural cleaning products.

To inspiring childcare centres to become aware of the impact of chemicals and how to inspire our future generation.

Thanks Amanda, our Educators and staff thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on sustainable cleaning products in the home. As a result of your workshop we have so much more awareness of keeping chemicals in everyday products out of the home to keep children safe. Your presentation was energetic and you presented clear and concise information that we can now share with others. What a great night 🙂

Carol Maybury, Dubbo Family Day Care


Warrumbungle Food Festival 2015

Dear Amanda, I am writing to thank you for your kindness and generosity in supporting the WFF 2015. A project such as this requires an enormous amount of community involvement to succeed, we are very grateful to you for being a special part of that. We truly value your help. Grateful, on behalf of the Warrumbungle Wild Women

V. Barnes.  

Dubbo Chamber of Business Women’s Luncheon to talk about mindset and inspired living.

Women Out West Lunch March 2016