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When I arrived into Byron Bay I just couldn’t wait to get NAKED, so after a morning walk I typed the address into my iPhone and found the right spot. Naked Treaties a little shop I had admired over Facebook with their guilt free treats that are Raw, organic, gluten free, sugar free but most […]

When I arrived into Byron Bay I just couldn’t wait to get NAKED, so after a morning walk I typed the address into my iPhone and found the right spot. Naked Treaties a little shop I had admired over Facebook with their guilt free treats that are Raw, organic, gluten free, sugar free but most importantly taste heavenly and green juices that even a fussy child would crave more of. So there I was standing out the front, and I realised that I am there an hour and a half before it even opens!

So I returned in the afternoon with my slightly sun kissed skin and hair that had been washed in the Byron Bay salt water waves and walked in to order a juice….

Good vibes surrounded me and made me smile as I witnessed the staff dancing as they created raw treats, what a awesome work place! Customers glowing with health who were obviously regulars walked in and talked to staff like long lost friends. New customers pondered over the liquid feast menu before ordering juices which were named after an affirmation such as “I am Love”.

To get an idea of how unique and awesome this place is check out their Youtube video:

Jemma (the owner) and Kelly took the time to answer some questions I had about Naked Treaties so a big thank you to them and you can read the interview below:

Which Naked Treat is the most popular?


Inside Naked Treaties shop, loved the liquid feast menu!

Hmm, now thats a tricky question! All of our treats are very popular, but if I had to choose one I would say the Nickers bar! I think its the idea of being able to have gooey caramel, crunchy almonds, chewy nougat, all smothered in dark chocolate that is 100% organic, raw and vegan and is actually good for you too!!!

When people hear that food is grain free, dairy free and sugar free etc they think that will compromise on the taste. What do you want people to know who are hesistant to try?

That they won’t ever know what they are missing if they don’t try something new! Its always such a pleasure when people come in and are new to raw food and they try a slice of our pizza or take a bite of our tacos and are amazed that healthy food can taste so flavoursome and amazing! raw food is all about flavour and texture, it is indeed still a new concept to most people so we try really hard to make it look beautiful and appealing and to also make our food fun! Eating should be a pleasurable experience and it should also nourish and enliven the body. Our food not only tastes divine but it makes you feel wonderful too- and when people realise that, its a huge step in turning peoples perception and bad habits around!


Beetroot cake by Naked Treaties

What does living food mean and why is it important?

Raw or living foods are whole and unprocessed and contain their full range of natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients. These living foods are complete with all the enzymes necessary to turn food into energy that the body can readily use. Studies have proven that once food is heated to over 50 degrees, 100% of the enzymes are destroyed and 70-80% of the vitamins are also no longer apparent.

The most ideal diet is one that helps the body remain at a ph. level close to 7.0. Many foods, thoughts and environmental conditions in our present time add to an acidic condition in the body. Eating foods such as grains, flour products, flesh foods, dairy, eggs, processed foods, sugar, food additives and cooked fats causes the body to live in an acidic state. When the body is acidic, it produces a breeding ground for disease to form and spread. Disease can only live in an acidic environment. Therefore by eating more alkaline foods, focusing on positive thoughts and being in a clean and uplifting environment, it becomes possible to support a high energy, well functioning, perfectly aligned body. The most alkaline forming foods you can consume are raw plant foods. Alkaline forming foods are cleansing and purifying in their very nature because they are abundant in water, fiber, nutrients and enzymes. The consumption of these foods allows the body to clean out old debris and heal chronic ailments, resulting in more energy and vitality ever previously thought possible!

All your juices are named as positive affirmations, how did that come about?


One of my favourites!

We like to call our Raw Bar in Byron Bay, ‘The Little Shop of Smiles.’ It’s a place where aim to encourage our beautiful customers to feel the best they possibly can be. Our Smoothies and juices are purposely named with fun and inspiring affirmations like ‘I Am Abundant’ or ‘I Am Magnificent’ as a reminder of the Power, Love, Joy, Brilliance and Beauty  that resides in everyone. One of our aims in Naked Treaties is to help people realise and celebrate their unique gifts and inherent spirit. The affirmations work to remind people of all that they are worthy of and to accept the positive qualities within that we don’t always praise ourselves for. Naked Treaties exists as a space for divine play and experimentation. It is a place where people can feel safe and encouraged to be all that they are- to shine their light into the world. It is a simple gift that we can keep on giving to each other.

What are the benefits of cleansing with Naked Treaties?

At Naked Treaties we realise that motivation, planning and time constraints often don’t allow everyone to cleanse as frequently or as easily they would wish too. Our Liquid Feast Cleanses that we run at the raw bar are specifically designed to remove the hassle for people, providing each customer with five days of liquid nutrition, made fresh and ready to collect every  morning! Each day consists of two slow pressed juices, two green smoothies and one raw soup, this is supported by continual daily advice via email and personal check ins, as well as and two free handouts; one to lead you in to your cleanse in the best way possible, and one to support you at every stage throughout the five days.

We also provide special gifts from local trusted businesses for massage, colonics, personal training, beauty therapy and other modalities to assist people throughout their week of cleansing.

Our aim is to have people feeling clean and pure from the inside out, but we also want to educate people on the hows and whys of cleansing, encouraging people to continue a healthy, wholesome diet in their day to day life. We have had wonderful feedback from our customers and friends who have done the liquid feast with us. It is always an inspiring experience for everyone involved and I feel blessed that we can offer this to our community. Our greater aim for next year is to be able to offer the Naked Treaties Liquid Feast to people right across the country as we develop an e-book and on line cleanse that everyone can partake it- its very exciting!

There is such a great positive vibe in your shop. Obviously a strong sense of community not only with staff but also customers. How do you maintain that energy and is that a factor when you employ someone?


Affirmation on the wall in Naked Treaties shop

Yes! The Raw Bar is a hive of activity, passion, dedication and fun! It is really important to us to create a space where people feel positive, vibrant and uplifted. The staff are all incredible people and wonderful friends inside and outside of work. Our customers become our family, and as our staff and clientele expands, our family or tribe expands also and the amount of love, joy and support grows day by day! Whenever I feel a little down, or things become too much, or I wonder how the next piece of the puzzle is going to fall into place, all it takes is for me to step inside the Raw Bar- to see the smiling faces of our staff and the enthusiasm of our customers, and immediately i am reminded and reassured of how perfect everything is in each moment. We take on staff members that want to make Naked Treaties a real part of their lives, for many of us, its not a job, but a lifestyle, the Raw Bar is our own living room and kitchen and no matter what is going on in our personal lives, there is always space and support to work through each obstacle with someone by your side. Being in the shop requires a lot of energy, motivation and initiative, while we do have supervisors on the floor at all times, the staff are also encouraged to work independently and take responsibility for their own work. It is amazing to see how beautiful people step into their role and really undergo incredible positive change as they find their feet (or wings!) in the shop. I am constantly inspired by what plays out day to day in the Raw bar and I feel blessed beyond imagination for the staff that have come to call Naked Treaties home and are helping to spread this dream into the real world.

What do you see in the future for Naked Treaties? Any plans for a second store or expansion?

Naked Treaties is continuing to expand day by day! It seems to have its own momentum!!! There are so many possibilities for expansion but I am very conscious of just taking things step by step and waiting for the perfect time to open to new adventures. We would love to see Naked Treaties everywhere! Our stockists across Australia are certainly expanding, and now that we have moved our production kitchen to a new space outside the Raw bar there is more possibility for even more growth. We would like to be creating e-books and online programs for people who can not join us here in Byron Bay. The possibilities are endless and every day new people come into my world with ideas and offerings that continue to amaze me!

What is your Eco tip?


My Eco Jarz!

We have just began to set up a little section of the raw bar that is dedicated to conscious retail! Here we are going to be selling eco-jarz, bamboo cutlery, nut milk bags, recipe books, stainless steel straws and more. I think that one of the best eco tips Ic an give is to reduce and reuse before recycle. Although we use all compostable and biodegradable packaging- this is not a quick fix solution. All of this packaging still takes a long long time to break down and in some cases just ends up in landfill where it doesn’t have the environment needed to break down at all. We are trying to encourage people to bring in their own jars, bottles and cups, their own cutlery and straws- we want to provide our customers with these options in an attempt to reduce our footprint on the earth. We work very closely with Sea Shepherd and it is heart breaking to see how much waste ends up in our oceans- how much plastic lines these waters. We have staff members working closely with other environmental teams in an effort to do all we can to spread awareness around these very important issues.

Can you give some tips for someone who wants to go on a raw diet?

When changing from a flesh/dairy/cooked diet to a raw living diet, one will certainly go through a period of cleansing and detoxification as the body clears out stored toxins and unwanted debris from their organs and cells. The best advice I can give is to slowly and mindfully move towards a raw lifestyle by cutting out things in your diet such as meat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, wheat, sugar and processed foods, and begin incorporating more fresh foods and juices into your diet. It is important to drink plenty of clean water, to eat as organic as possible, to exercise, get outside, try planting your own food or shopping at local farmers markets to become more in tune with what is in season and where your food is coming from. There are a wealth of websites dedicated to raw food and raw food recipes so it is always fun to experiment with making food at home, try making green smoothies each day and begin simple things like spouting and making your own almond milk at home. Make the transition to raw food a fun and inspiring one! It is also important to be gentle on yourself and remember that life is about living with conscious awareness. No one is perfect 100% of the time and every moment is a chance to practice self love and self acceptance. You will find as you deepen your journey into raw food, that many of your old cravings simply fall away as you begin to feel the natural radiance of living a clean and healthy lifestyle. What we try to show people through Naked Treaties is that embracing a healthy diet doesn’t mean you need to deprive yourself or miss out on anything! Rather you get to enjoy beautiful and delicious food that tastes amazing and is also nourishing your body at the same time. Its really just a win win!

THANK YOU!!! xoxox

By:Amanda Jane McKay

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