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Quick get away from your car it’s on fire! As you can imagine this is not an experience I was expecting as I packed my car for a weekend trip to Sydney for an event ironically call Reignite. I was having one of those days where you don’t know what to pack. Instead of thinking […]

Quick get away from your car it’s on fire!


As you can imagine this is not an experience I was expecting as I packed my car for a weekend trip to Sydney for an event ironically call Reignite. I was having one of those days where you don’t know what to pack. Instead of thinking about it I thought hey, I was just going to take everything. I packed so many clothes my shoes, toiletries, make up bag and my jackets couldn’t fit in my bag. I had a fridge freezer in the boot to take all my own food, I knew the days of the event were long and I wanted to know I had access to the food giving my body the night nourishment. I also had a few books, more than I could read while away and of course my laptop.

I remembered smiling as I drove out of town and saw 11:11 on my dash. It’s going to be an interesting weekend. I had no idea! Sixty kilometres later, the strangest thing happened. My car began to lose power. My foot hit the accelerator again and again but the speedo kept dropping. I pulled off the road staring at the gauges, nothing out of the ordinary… no over heating… nothing.

It then came to my attention that there was smoke bellowing out the front bonnet of the car. I reached over grabbed my handbag, phone (no idea why) and the key out of the ignition. As I stood staring at the smoke in shock as I hadn’t hit anything and nothing obvious happened to make the car stop, I started to think about opening the bonnet when I voice yelled from behind me “Quick get away from your car it’s on fire”. WHAT!

I turned to see a guy (Alec) running down the road speaking to someone on the phone and he yelled again with more urgency “Quick get away from your car it’s on fire”. I found out later he was calling for a fire brigade. Confused I ran towards him, I looked back and could now see the fire he was talking about. Alec who had seen the fire was trying to get my attention as he drove past me but I obviously had been distracted by the fact my car was losing power. He also packed like me it seemed. His passenger seat was so full I jumped in the tray of the ute and we drove off down the road.


All I could do is watch as my car and everything in it go up in flames. A one point all I could do is laugh when people began to ask me what was in the car, my wedding planner, clothes, fridge freezer and so on. As I named things out the truck drivers would crack a joke “must be marrying the wrong man, it’s a sign” “time to go shopping” etc then all of a sudden I remembered my book… MY BOOK! I said it with such heart felt pain that everyone was silent for a moment. Then one guy broke the silence with “it must have been a s#$@ book, rewrite it”. I realised he was right I could cry and get upset at this situation or I could see the opportunities.

Over the next few weeks I realised what other work was on my laptop, I remembered the videos, blogs, pictures and course content I had lost. I thought about the fact that if I hadn’t been afraid I wouldn’t have lost anything, in fact I would have had most of it up online. If you don’t use it, you can lose it. I decided then and there that I was no longer going to hold back. I would look at the positive side of this situation and do the best I can to make everything better than before and share what I create. Nothing will hold me back…. not even myself.

Short time after, still tainted by the fire I was in Dubbo visiting family for my little sisters baby shower. Rhys (my fiancé) and I had been running around town doing the jobs we can’t do while in Cobar. I returned to my parents place unpacked food in the freezer and then just as I was about to sit down and talk to everyone I realised my engagement ring was missing. Quickly I searched the freezer then grabbed Rhys and we retraced our tracks all over town. I left my number at every store and in the end reporting the ring missing at the police station. I spend that afternoon and night trying not to think about the ring and enjoy the baby shower, which I was able to do.

That night laying in bed I felt defeated. How could my car burn down for no reason and then I lose my ring? Was the universe trying to tell me something? The next morning I woke up and I decided I would find my ring, this was not going to happen to me. I googled for the name of the angel who you could ask for help to reunite you with a missing item, turns out his name is Archangel Chamuel. Rhys and I asked Archangel Chamuel to locate my ring. Later Rhys looked through the freezer again, even though by this stage many people had searched through there. He pulled out the ice tray and you wouldn’t believe it my ring was set in ice!


The day before, after a group of us had thoroughly searched the freezer my Mum had pulled out the ice tray and filled it up not noticing the ring and placed the tray back into the freezer. I was so grateful and Rhys got the biggest hug!

Have you ever had some crazy events like this happen to you? Love to hear your stories and how you looked for the opportunities in comments below.

When I found my ring I believed I really could do anything. Physically my book was in ashes but in my mind it began to grow more beautifully then the one I wrote before. I told you I wasn’t holding back and so I entered this competition to create awareness about my book and I would love your support please click here and vote for me.

Much love & gratitude,

Amanda Jane Parish






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