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Dreams have always fascinated me. For a long time, I’ve been open to the idea within dreams are messages waiting to be discovered.  My Mum was curious about the meaning behind dreams. When I had a scary dream she would explain to me that it didn’t mean it was a bad message. I found it […]

When people tell me they are scared of getting started on an idea or vision because they are scared of failing I feel for them. Failure feels so real, feels as though it can tear our world apart and that there would be no coming back from it. Yet truth is failure isn’t even real! […]

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and in the past few years every April I have got involved in projects such as Red My Lips and held special events during this time. This year I reached out to The Wholehearted Community with a few ideas of what we could do throughout the month such as […]

Have you ever had someone say something to you and for some reason their words got stuck in your mind? After an event in Sydney which was full of like minded people some of us head nearby for dinner. One lady who I only met briefly before turned to speak to me at the restaurant […]

Well it’s a big question to ask: “What am I meant to do” It’s overwhelming, can leave us feeling confused and even stuck. I find when people come to me with this question they feel caught up in their mind trying to figure this out (in non action) rather than in an inspired space where […]

To be honest I was a little nervous to start having children… my husband Rhys had joked so many times that he wanted 10 kids, that I wasn’t sure if he was joking or not. My sister had given birth 9 months after her wedding day so it seemed everyone assumed I would do the […]

In the wholehearted way members area every three months a new book is added to our book club. We read at our own pace and share our journey with each other, by the end of the year we’ve connected with four different books. Each three months we gather on a call and discuss how we’ve […]

WOW! Is an understatement to describe how I felt at the first ever Wholehearted Community Gathering. I will always hold some lovely memories from this event with a whole lot of gratitude in my heart. It’s important to me that the events create intentional connections and support others to live a life in integrity and […]

Members of my community have been asking for a shirt with the wholehearted logo or the words wholehearted warrior written. I was open to the idea yet was feeling I wanted to create something that would be beautiful, symbolic and be a helpful tool for members of my community. Mala Meditations are a practice I […]

It’s funny how things pop up at the right moment – funny yet magical! Fun fact. I come from family of hoarders (on one side) and I myself have become the queen of decluttering so much so family members let me lose at their house sometimes. At times it honestly drives my husband insane he’s […]