How often do you allow yourself to disconnect when your feeling disconnected? And do you allow yourself to truely disconnect? Distractions come in many ways. Could be to avoid facing the real problem. Or we want to avoid the feeling of boredom. Often we can turn to technology instead of allowing ourselves to be in […]

Destiny Mapping uses the ancient wisdom of Astrology with the Modern Science of Human Design and Gene Keys to unlock the sacred code of your Soul’s Blueprint to Remember why you are here! We dive deeply into uncovering the purpose for your life through translating your: Human Design Gene Keys Activation Sequence  & Astrological Chart […]

It was SOul exciting to find a little package at my door that had come from Song of Stones. Even though it was just a cardboard box I instantly felt that it was special. Upon opening the package I could tell that Smadar (from Song of Stones) was the perfect person to contact for support […]

What is the belief you currently have about happiness? Are you living with the belief that when you achieve something or have something than you’ll be happy? Recently I heard someone say when they win the lottery then they will do things they want to do. We’ve all played this game. When I am _______(successful, […]

Dreams have always fascinated me. For a long time, I’ve been open to the idea within dreams are messages waiting to be discovered.  My Mum was curious about the meaning behind dreams. When I had a scary dream she would explain to me that it didn’t mean it was a bad message. I found it […]

When people tell me they are scared of getting started on an idea or vision because they are scared of failing I feel for them. Failure feels so real, feels as though it can tear our world apart and that there would be no coming back from it. Yet truth is failure isn’t even real! […]

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and in the past few years every April I have got involved in projects such as Red My Lips and held special events during this time. This year I reached out to The Wholehearted Community with a few ideas of what we could do throughout the month such as […]

Have you ever had someone say something to you and for some reason their words got stuck in your mind? After an event in Sydney which was full of like minded people some of us head nearby for dinner. One lady who I only met briefly before turned to speak to me at the restaurant […]

Well it’s a big question to ask: “What am I meant to do” It’s overwhelming, can leave us feeling confused and even stuck. I find when people come to me with this question they feel caught up in their mind trying to figure this out (in non action) rather than in an inspired space where […]

To be honest I was a little nervous to start having children… my husband Rhys had joked so many times that he wanted 10 kids, that I wasn’t sure if he was joking or not. My sister had given birth 9 months after her wedding day so it seemed everyone assumed I would do the […]