To be honest I was a little nervous to start having children… my husband Rhys had joked so many times that he wanted 10 kids, that I wasn’t sure if he was joking or not. My sister had given birth 9 months after her wedding day so it seemed everyone assumed I would do the […]

In the wholehearted way members area every three months a new book is added to our book club. We read at our own pace and share our journey with each other, by the end of the year we’ve connected with four different books. Each three months we gather on a call and discuss how we’ve […]

WOW! Is an understatement to describe how I felt at the first ever Wholehearted Community Gathering. I will always hold some lovely memories from this event with a whole lot of gratitude in my heart. It’s important to me that the events create intentional connections and support others to live a life in integrity and […]

Members of my community have been asking for a shirt with the wholehearted logo or the words wholehearted warrior written. I was open to the idea yet was feeling I wanted to create something that would be beautiful, symbolic and be a helpful tool for members of my community. Mala Meditations are a practice I […]

It’s funny how things pop up at the right moment – funny yet magical! Fun fact. I come from family of hoarders (on one side) and I myself have become the queen of decluttering so much so family members let me lose at their house sometimes. At times it honestly drives my husband insane he’s […]

MEET Emma: Emma is a kind and gentle soul who I have felt blessed to cross paths with her while on my yoga teacher training journey. Often I see Emma so generously supporting others, sharing her gifts with the world and building community. The way she shows up in the world inspires me and I […]

MEET RHYS: Rhys McKay is my partner in crime/shine and a committed conscious man. Growing up on a farm halfway between Cobar and Bourke and working in the ultra-macho world of mining as a welder, Rhys could have easily ignored his spirituality and the call to go deeper. Instead he’s a motivator for the men and teamed up […]

MEET KEL: Hi my name is Kelly Green, I am a third generation spiritual healer, following in my Great Grandmothers foot steps. As a child I would see angel orbs and all sorts of spiritual beings. In 2012 though I had a huge spiritual awakening and have honoured my intuitive and healing path by studying […]

I actually can’t recollect when my first ever yoga class was. In a way it seems it sometimes feels as if yoga was already part of my life as it’s just fit in so well. I couldn’t imagine my life without now. Yoga has become part of who I am. I feel when I have […]

MEET BEBE:   Definitely part of the light worker family, I am just like you: a divine spiritual being having a human experience. I am absolutely passionate about sacred convergence and ancient traditional energy healing tools to bring our human selves in union with our divine, realigning our souls with Gaia, Father Sky and the Great Mystery. But most of all, just like you, I will never […]