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How often do you allow yourself to disconnect when your feeling disconnected? And do you allow yourself to truely disconnect? Distractions come in many ways. Could be to avoid facing the real problem. Or we want to avoid the feeling of boredom. Often we can turn to technology instead of allowing ourselves to be in […]

How often do you allow yourself to disconnect when your feeling disconnected?

And do you allow yourself to truely disconnect?

Distractions come in many ways. Could be to avoid facing the real problem. Or we want to avoid the feeling of boredom. Often we can turn to technology instead of allowing ourselves to be in the moment with what is.

Using technology as a distraction or way to unwind might feel good sometimes, yet it takes self discipline to actually allow ourselves to really disconnect so we feel more connected.

“If you can’t get bored you aren’t tasting life” is a quote from the Gene Keys (one of my favourite things to share in Destiny Mapping). In todays world the art of doing nothing is rarely seen. Technology can have us plugged in all the time if we choose.

So let me ask you how often do you use technology? Are you connected more than you are disconnected?

If you’re addicted there is still hope! Here’s some things to think about:

Be honest with yourself about how much time you are spend on technology.

These days your phone will let you know the average hours you are spending looking at your screen. Have you ever added up the hours you’ve spent scrolling on social media? The hours you sit in front of the tv? How much time is it in a week, a month or year?

This in itself can be quite scary.

In school a teacher had the whole class to add up the hours spent watching TV in a year. My parents did’t let us access the tv much. There was a huge gap between the one show I was allowed to watch weekly as a teenager and the number of hours my friend had who watched Home and Away and other shows every night of the week.

It was shocking how many hours were spent glued to the TV. How many people will look back at the end of their life and wish they’d spent more time on technology?

Many of us are convinced there’s never enough time. Yet we know everyone on the planet receives the same hours in a day as everyone else. We can be creating the illusion of losing time when we spend hours on technology.

Most cases if we really honest with ourselves we can see we have plenty of time to commit to what it is our heart is calling to us to do.

Get clear how much time do you really want to spend on technology.

Maybe only certain days of the week you watch a TV show or movie. Maybe choose to play games only on the weekends or have no technology before 9 am or after 9pm or only spend an half hour on social media.

It’s up to you. What makes your soul feel good when it comes to time spent on technology? Take back your power and find a balance that works for you.

Make it easier for yourself.

How often do we make a commitment with ourselves about a life change we are going to make then find ourselves feeling stuck in old habits? Left to our own devices we can find ourselves weeks, months or even years later wondering if we will ever follow through.

You can make it easier to set boundaries with technology by getting the support and help you need. Maybe in your house hold you make agreements about technology then hold each other accountable.

The wonderful thing about technology is it can help you set boundaries. Here are some things you might do:

  • Download the Newsfeed Eradicator for when using your laptop or computer to go on Facebook so you don’t endlessly scroll. Allowing you to be more mindful of what you’re there to do.
  • Use the Do Not Disturb setting on your phone. Manually set the times that you can hear your phone ringing. Some people freak out when I tell them I do this. What if someone needs to contact me? You can have people on favourites and those calls will come through. If someone calls you three times in a row the call comes through. It is not the end of the world.
  • Deleting all apps off your phone and only accessing via a laptop or tablet. There is even apps you can download that lock you out of your social media for so much time like self control.
  • Plugging in a Timer to automatically turn on and off your internet or TV.
  • We see more advertisements in one day than people in the 1950’s saw in a lifetime. Less ads will reduce the amount of time your on technology. Think Gaia, Stan and Netflix.

We’ve convinced ourselves we need to stay connected a lot more then we actually need to be.

We don’t have to be contactable 24/7. Many people feel that they have to text people straight away. Expecting yourself to instantly respond is unhealthy and likely leave you feeling out of integrity.

You show people how to treat you. People can contact you at any time. Yet the wonderful thing is you can choose when you respond. Real friends respect the boundaries you have in place.

Rhys discovered I wouldn’t answer late at night when we started dating. I trusted that if a guy who was interested in me then I wouldn’t be a after thought late at night. Plus receiving a call at a time your not half asleep and can be more present makes more sense.

With clients you can share with them work hours when they can reach you or let them know you’ll take 48 hours to reply.

Create technology free zones.

My bedroom, walk in and bathroom are free from technology. I have a beautiful alarm clock (so I don’t need a phone in my room) that only lights up if you press it and has a tibetan bowl that dings when the alarm goes off. Soul feels delighted awakening to this in the morning rather then an alarm that throws off your nervous system.

When at gatherings put your phone away or on silent. Ok, I am guilty of being rude sometimes too but I am continually working on being more conscious. If someone calls you, you can always answer and say I am busy right now, I will call you back. Being present with those you are with is a gift.

We live in a connected world although it brings us closer together at times it can also disconnect us in ways. The more mindful we are with technology the more space we can create in our life.

Here’s a video that was part of one of my online program Wholehearted Connection:

So if you feel like taking on the challenge give it ago and let me know how it played out in the comments below.


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By:Amanda Jane McKay

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