About - Amanda Jane McKay
I believe...One person can make a difference. Let it be you!

It may seem too much for people, a bit scary, bit too big… I care deeply about what the generations to follow will think of us, I spent a lot of my childhood wondering about the impact we are having (so much so I wrote stories about hanging out with unicorns saving the world!).

Hi, my name is Amanda Jane and I’m a writer, speaker, coach, master manifester and the Earth Angel dedicated to inspiring you to live a life you love, that is authentic and in alignment with the Earth.

We live in a beautiful and unique eco-system and it’s my belief that it doesn’t have to take a huge amount of energy, time or sacrifice to leave a lasting impact.

By consciously making small choices that honour the well-being of our bodies, home and our environment, we can collectively shift the energy and the health of our planet.

Through my coaching services, blog, wholehearted members, events and speaking gigs I share the tools, resources and solutions to help you create an authentic life filled with integrity, passion and purpose.

These are the top five qualities according to friends:

Loving Nature, Passionate, Playful, Connected, High Integrity

So what’s my story?

I grew up on a certified organic farm and while I had always lived a holistic life, when I finished high school I wasn’t quite sure how exactly I could make a difference in the world.

In lieu of a solid plan to save the planet, I decided to move to Abu Dhabi and become a flight attendant so I could pursue my other great passion – travel.

In what was a truly eye-opening experience, I spent four years living in one of the richest cities in the world, while travelling to some of the poorest like Dhaka.

Throughout my travels, I discovered that everywhere I went a complete and utter sense of disconnection with our environment was rife.

Whenever I saw pollution, poverty or the devastating impacts of slave labour, I would think to myself – “why doesn’t someone do something about this?”

One day when I was exploring the Giza Pyramids with my parents, I was staring awe-struck at the magnificent structures when the wind picked up and a plastic bag flew by.

I tore my gaze away from the majestic pyramids and noticed in addition to the plastic bag, a dirty nappy was lying discarded near my feet.

This moment was a total game changer for me – it was when I realised that we were not just disrespecting and trashing this historically significant site but the planet as a whole.

In that moment I realised I was that SOMEONE who could do SOMETHING about this. I could take a stand in the present to preserve what we have for future generations to come.

I decided to live a life filled with integrity, passion and purpose and so my business was born. Along my journey I discovered that real change begins within.

So where am I now?


When I finally unwrapped the veil and removed the cap retiring as a flight attendant, I moved back to central-west NSW to be closer to my family and focus on building my lifestyle coaching business.

Four years later, I’ve manifested and met the man of my dreams, Rhys. We were Married at my favourite time of day at sunrise in a beautiful spot in Broken Head, Byron Bay. We spent 3 years living amongst the red dirt on the edge of the outback in Cobar and recently moved to Parkes.

Some of my highlights:

  • Women Out West Highly Commended Lost Sea Opals Award for Inspirational Leadership 2016
  • Women Out West Finalist for Outstanding Young Entrepreneur 2016
  • Created a revolutionary events in rural NSW  such as “Embody Your Rawness – Be You” (some women drive 5 hours just to be there) and “The Wild Ones Live”
  • Women Out West for Outstanding Young Entrepreneur 2014
  • Self published my first book in two hours in the US which made #15 Motivational Section on Amazon
  • Creator Of The Wholehearted Way Community

How Can It Get Any Better Than This?!

So are you ready to get started on your journey?


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Winning Video for Hay House Library ran by Leon Nacson


Become An Earth Friendly Human is jam packed with information and tips to create a more earth friendly lifestyle today and includes a Ebook version of my first published book ’10 Tips To Change Your World’.

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