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In my last blog I mentioned Fashion Labels in Australia you should check out for those wanting to be supporting ethical fashion. These are some of the brands I love although they aren’t down under. As someone who used to be a flight attendant with a serious travel bug I hope you don’t get offend […]

Approximately $500 million of clothing in Australia ends up in landfill every year (3o kg per person). As an ethical shopper I am mindful than when I invest in clothing we enter a long term relationship none of this fast and cheap stuff! I’ve put together a few Australian labels you should check out if […]

Big part of yoga is about connecting with mother earth and yet some people don’t even think about the clothes they are wearing while in downward dog and the impact it is having on people and the planet. So often I see cool Instagram posts of people in an asana in a colourful pair of tights […]

Many of us are aware of our environmental footprint but when it comes to fashion are we mindful of the shoes we slip our toes into and there ethical footprint? I used to tell my dad my oven would be used as shoe space, I loved shoes, especially because my sister would always raid my […]

When I was a flight attendant I loved investing in beautiful intimates. Wearing the same uniform to work all the time didn’t leave space for me to express myself. When I was wearing sexy lingerie although no one could see it I felt sexy, confident and like I could take on the world. When I […]

“Call it eco-fashion if you like, but I just think it’s common sense” Livia Firth   Those who know me well, know I am not impressed when people tell me they got a top for only $5. I’ve been to Bangladesh and my heart knows that no way could a tops true cost only be […]

You come to the yoga mat to feel… As you lay in savasana (corpse pose) and surrender into mother earth the last thing you would think to be worried about the crazy amounts of chemical you are coming into contact with your mat (things like toxic foaming agents, PVC and plasticizers). For me the yoga mat […]

ABOUT AMIE Well to give some context to my background I was born in NZ to kiwi parents but left here when I was two years old and spent my childhood and the first half of my teenage years overseas. I grew up in a country called Tajikistan where my parents did humanitarian aid work […]