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December 2015

How often in life do opportunities pass you by because you were scared to say yes… even though in your heart you wanted to say yes? I never imagined the impact of just saying yes to a complete stranger in a hotel lobby could set me into a journey that changed my life. I will never […]

The year has flown by and for my next Earth Angel in the series (and the last one for 2015) is Kate Wright. She is soon to be Hay House Author, a Winner of Young Business Executive of the Year (Rhino Awards for Business Excellence), writer for the Dubbo Weekender and runs her own business […]

You know that feeling when something has triggered an emotion, you can feel it swelling up inside and you try to control it? You have moments where your eyes water up but you tell yourself to stay in control but the next thing that salty tear runs down your cheek and you say what the […]

Have you ever gone away on a hen’s weekend and felt better when you came back? Not struggling from a hangover or feeling yuk from all the crap you ate?  After my hen’s weekend I felt rejuvenated. My little sister Jacki and friend Kate along with the others had planned a lovely getaway. LOCATION: Hatters Hide […]

“There’s nothing to do in Cobar” they said. If I had a dollar for every time I heard that… I honestly believe that only bored people get bored and I myself have had a great time exploring Cobar. Every week Rhys (my fiancé) and I have a date night, this night he came home with […]