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April 2015

What’s the weirdest position you’ve ever been in with your partner? Because I’ve been in some weird ones with mine. Ten unanswered phone calls later I was worried. I planned the day, but things weren’t going to plan. We’d sat in the car on the side of the road searching google maps and hoping the […]

“STOP this area is closed, your picture has been taken” a voice said loudly over the speaker. It stopped Kate and I dead in our tracks. It was our last day in LA but it definitely would be a memorable one. I honestly thought Kate might think I was crazy, but I had to ask […]

Have you ever met someone and knew it was the start of something special? Being a flight attendant and travelling all over the world I found it easy to make friends with strangers. After leaving the airline and finding myself in Dubbo I quickly made friends. Dubbo is a friendly city, I remember my first […]