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Remember hearing the Ice Cream truck as a child? For me, this was a rare occasion, as I lived on a farm. When I was in town, I am sure I had the same reaction as most children do when they hear that recognisable tune playing: ICCCEEEE CREEEEAAAMMM!!! I should have known Ice Cream demos would […]

As I stood there I realised I had taken one bus, two trains and another bus and was right back where I had started. My fourth day in London and I was lost again. I, an ex flight attendant who had been to London a number of times, was making a fool of myself in […]

It was just before sunrise when he asked me to come with him. I rolled over, told him “Not today”, if only I knew. To be honest I’m not really a fan of Valentines day. I do however love, love. I have always thought that love is real magic (maybe I watched too many Disney […]