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July 2013

You come home and want a healthy home cooked meal but isn’t life is full of distractions and for some people the thought of a home cooked meal is impossible. If it was easy to be healthy everyone would be doing it right?! Well just imagine if you could have a healthy home cooked meal […]

Had the gorgeous Kate Moody from Inspired Mood join me to create a DIY video on how to make eco friendly cling wrap! Cling wrap makes a ridiculous amount of waste because you use it once and then throw it away. Like all disposable plastics they may seem like a quick and easy solution but because […]

So the sweet potato went berserk in the backyard and some of you may have noticed I kept posting about sweet potato fries that I was making. So how do you make this delicious little snack?! Well I well tell you! 1/. Pre heat your oven on 200 C. After peeling the sweet potato, slice […]

I have never been that great with the cold even though when I was growing up some places I lived got on the chilly side. When I was a flight attendant I used to swap my flights for a warmer destination unless there was snow… without snow I felt no reason to put myself through […]

I decided to take this spontaneous trip after I saw on Snapchat my childhood friend Dimity was home for a holiday. The farm she grew up on was fifteen minutes from where I spend a large part of my childhood and growing up we used to catch up often. My friend Dimity is so lovely […]