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June 2013

There’s something magical for me to be in nature. Whether its it’s sitting on the beach with my toes in the sand, laying on the grass or admiring the landscape. The more I travelled the world the more I desired to go to the remote places. You know, the places with out all the tourists! Imagine […]

Just thought I would share this simple recipe. I came down with a bit of a cold and have been unwell the last few days (Think I have overdone it the last few weeks!). So upping my intake of all the good stuff to get my immune system back up and running properly. Anyway so […]

Firstly I’m sorry to disappoint you if you opened up the link to this blog thinking it was about a relationship I had with a man in my life that was toxic…. I would need a whole book for that! Kidding! This toxic love story is about the relationship we are in everyday, that is […]

  Who would have thought Nora Gedgaudas author of Primal Body, Primal Mind would come to Dubbo?! It was an idea my Dad (Michael Parish) and Grahame Rees had two years ago after they heard and met Nora on her last trip to Australia and they made it a reality! Some 258 people came to […]

Aloha, I was so impressed by Nora Gedgaudas talk (that I attend last week and will blog about soon) that I have been talking about it non stop. Lucky, because talking about it lead me to find out that one of the people in our group in Hawaii, Albert is a new fan of Paleo. […]