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I’ve been a fan of the paleo lifestyle as it not only makes me feel great but also makes sense to me. Plus how do you resist those paleo desserts! I have just started reading ‘Primal Body Primal Mind’ by Nora Gedgaudas and I am loving it although I feel like I have read it already […]

It determines farm profitability, it is the greatest water management tool, improves the nutritional value of food, reduces chemical contaminates, prevents nitrate leaching and also improves soil structure. What is it? HUMUS What the hell is humus you might be thinking?! Well its simply organic matter that has reached a point of stability in soil. […]

I need your help! I want to know what do YOU want?! My Dad went to a talk a few weeks ago and it was there he listened to Ernesto Sirolli speak. My Dad said the money he paid to listen to all the speakers he would have paid just to listen to him, he […]

There is always something beautiful at weddings, that feeling that is really expressed on such an occasion… Love! You feel it radiating the whole day. Love between the couple, love from the friends and family and love of those your celebrating with. Weddings happen all over the world, different religions, cultures and customs but they […]

Hi I’m Amanda and I am a chocoholic! Chocolate has always been a love in my life. There for me in celebration, in times when I’ve needed cheering up and sometimes its just been there just because it can be! I remember in boarding school I would walk around with my spare change hoping to […]