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December 2012

I am one unique being. I am a part of a beautiful and diverse family of living things on a small planet in a vast universe called Earth. I acknowledge that I am only one person but as a part of this fragile system on earth, I have a responsibility. I am a part of […]

  Being more rather than having more – The Earth Charter.     Discover how you can make a vital difference to your well-being and lifestyle. Learn the best choices for your health and the products you allow into your home. We will explore if one person can make a difference, how to reconnect, decrease […]

If home is where the heart is, then we need to ensure it’s a healthy place that keeps our heart strong.  This consultation looks at the products used in the home and how they can be beneficial or detrimental to you and your family’s health and well-being.  We consider alternatives that will not cause harm […]

You are what you eat. Learn how to eat healthy food on a budget, choosing food that is safe and healthy for you and your family.  Discover toxins that are causing you harm and remove them and learn better ways to dispose of waste properly. You will find new sustainable and toxic free products that […]

What is the largest organ of your body? Skin! Did you know that what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body into the bloodstream… 60% or more of what is placed on our skin is absorbed. How safe are the products you use? We take a look at the products you’re currently […]

Homes can be five times as toxic as the outside air. (According to the US Environmental Protection Agency) Using chemicals to clean the home doesn’t make sense. Stop putting yourself, your family, pets and the environment health at risk! Detox the home from toxic chemicals and fumes. We will show you safe and natural methods […]

Become the best a man can be. Scientists have linked chemicals in men’s products to all sorts of problems including developmental system, reproductive system and cancer.  Discover products that help you be the best you can be and learn how to look for and avoid the fake, nasty, unnecessary chemicals you put on your body.

*Protect your children, avoid unnecessary chemicals in their skin care, learn what is gentle and safe on their skin. *Learn to buy toys and children’s products that have a minimal impact on the environment, are made from sustainable sources and free from nasty chemicals and toxins that do actually affect your children’s health *Learn about […]