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Here are 17 Instagram accounts that inspire me to live The Wholehearted Way. These are not in any particular order. If you want to check out the Instagram account from this blog click the names (in green) they are live links. 1/. @muradosmann A post shared by Murad Osmann (@muradosmann) on Aug 15, 2014 at […]

Here are 17 Instagram accounts that inspire me to live The Wholehearted Way. These are not in any particular order. If you want to check out the Instagram account from this blog click the names (in green) they are live links.

1/. @muradosmann

A post shared by Murad Osmann (@muradosmann) on

I am a visual person so this account to me is stunning! It plays on two things I love: Romance (love) and travel. See picturesque places from all around the world inspiring wanderlust and then to top it off with romance – you’ve got me hooked.

As an ex flight attendant I can tell you how wonderful it is to travel all over the world but it’s really something special when you share that moment.


2/. @shemsheart

A post shared by Shems Heartwell (@shemsheart) on

This image I actually discovered on a different account. I could just feel the vibration of love, connection and intimacy coming from this picture.

Since then I have experienced coaching with Shems. He has opened me up to seeing myself and my partner in a different way and we connect on a whole new level I didn’t know existed! I enjoy and love his partners Instagram account also: goddess_rising

They both live in Maui and so not only do you witness how connected and loving relationships can be but beautiful scenery, whales and more!


3/. @tllcollective

A post shared by Melika McCarthy (@tllcollective) on

I freak’n love random acts of kindness and The Love Letter Collective inspires me to spread more light in the world. Beautiful images of locations, places that you’d love to spend some time in, cute animals, quotes and images of their carefully designed gift boxes make my heart feel happy… so had to share this one!

TLL Collective quote cards were shared with every person who attended my event last year to inspire them to spread more light in the world. The thing I really love is you can send these boxes anonymously which I love to do sometimes.


4/. @theintentionalife

This account is one of my favourites. Hsiao-Yen has created a space for collaborative projects that also raises money for things like Standing Rock and the Epic Movement. Online auctions, summits and inspirational posts that encourage you to BE the change in the world.

This is the account that I discovered @shemsheart I bid to win 3 sessions with him and also for the book 5 levels of attachment by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. She currently is running an online summit make sure you check it out asap!


5/. @endextinctionintl

Tahnee is educating people about the unbelievable, strange, wacky, funny, fantastic facts about animals facing extinction and I believe this is valuable and important as each animal has a role to play in keeping balance in our unique ecosystem and to lose a whole species… well we have no idea the consequences in the long term. She also shares tips on how you can make a difference too.

Tahnee is featured as an Earth Angel in the series on my website check out the interview here.


6/. @iamlaurawells

A post shared by Laura Wells (@iamlaurawells) on

With the caption: Don’t be a dick~stop hurting the planet ~ every action counts 👌🏽💋

I instantly liked her rebellious style. Passionate about making a difference on the planet creating awareness on important topics such as the impact of plastics on the ocean and wildlife, reminding us how cool nature is and inspiring others to love their body.

My favourite thing about Laura’s Instagram is the captions on her photos. What a babe!


7/. @awakenwithjp

A post shared by JP Sears (@awakenwithjp) on

One of the things I love in a person is that they make me laugh, I obviously see the importance of laugher in my life and I am childish daily so another account that makes me chuckle is this one JP Sears.

I believe Tony Robbins review of his book “How to be Ultra Spiritual” sums up his Instagram page also: Loaded with laugh out loud humour… an intelligent exploration of the spiritual delusions many fall prey to.


8/. @warriorsofthedivine

‘I believe in angels, I rely on miracles’ is their tag line. A divine clothing brand based in Bali. Ethically made and hand painted – I have two beautiful pieces from their range, one I wore on my wedding day!

However even if you never buy an item I love their Instagram page. Love seeing images of woman embracing their feminine energy, celebrating the divine being they are, some wearing angel wings or just out in nature expressing freedom. Playful, elegant… absolutely gorgeous! 


9/. @madonnabain_intimates

My favourite eco friendly brand for all natural lingerie made from organic materials. Beautifully hand made with love in Byron Bay. Cute, romantic, sexy and looking after the planet!

A lot of eco friendly companies that created underwear just were bit boring for me, with Madonna Bain I feel like so much love and detail has gone into each piece. Her Instagram show cases the pieces but I just love the photos some are so creative.


10/. @nude_yogagirl

A post shared by Nude Yoga Girl (@nude_yogagirl) on

Our bodies are a gift and the first thing I like to teach my students in yoga is it’s a celebration of what our bodies can do not to beat ourselves up for what we can’t do. “You are beautiful exactly the way you are” is the tag line on the account.

It’s inspiring to see how our body can move and then to see it as art… incredible. You can also purchase the images… I haven’t yet but I most likely will.


11/. @kokopilli

Find one of a kind handmade pieces. I love crystals, mother earth’s treasures and these pieces are made with high vibe. The photos of crystals are gorgeous. Every time I wear my Feminine Rising necklace created by Kokopilli I always am asked where I got it from and what is the piece about.


12/. @brigitte_may

A post shared by Brigitte May (@brigitte_may) on

Sweet, innocent, enchanting works with pastel and paint. The images are so delicate like nature and bring to life precious characters and images. Just magical! 

She has collaborated on different projects from fashion to children’s books. Your inner child will enjoy this page.


13/. @nakedtreaties

A post shared by Naked Treaties (@nakedtreaties) on

Naked Treaties is so good that the photo above is from my Wedding Day. We visited later in the day after the ceremony (sunrise wedding). Their account is full of living high vibrational food which inspires me to get more creative in the kitchen.

I am very mindful of what I put into my temple (body) this account also reminds me to daily put love into everything I create (not just food). Two other accounts that inspire me food wise (I might be a little obsessed with raw treats) @maandmewholefoods and @earthtotablebondi


14/. @wholebeings

A post shared by Whole Beings (@whole.beings) on

Growing up on a certified organic farm that was ran holistically changed the way I view the world. My parents shared with me the importance of the choices we make in our life and the ripple effect on the generations to come.

Being an aunt I love to see places like Whole Beings. Teaching children from an early age to love themselves, connect with nature and be part of a connected community. This is what I see when I come across the posts on this account. I would love to see more of this in the world.


15/. @renewchange

A post shared by RENEW (@renewchange) on

This account fills my heart up with joy to know that there is a project like this. For long I have thought there is so much around personal development that would be of great benefit if it was taught in schools. Children learning to love themselves and find purpose in their life… what a precious gift, life-changing!

So far they have changed the lives of many children in Tanzania, US and Australia and I am sure as words spreads it won’t be long for this to be in other countries around the world. This is the future!


16/. @farwestliving

Showcasing the beautiful region of the world that I have found myself in… far western NSW, Australia. Few of my friends like to joke and say I moved from one desert (Abu Dhabi, UAE) to another (Cobar, NSW). There is something about certain times of the day when the light hits that red dirt. People underestimate the experience of being in this part of the world.

I feel so blessed to have found myself here and this magazine captures the essence of life in this region. Connected, abundant and breathtaking.

Out here I continue to connect with incredible people and seeing this magazine come to life has been lovely to witness (via Instagram!).


17/.  @milkwood_permaculture 

I am so grateful and blessed to have grown up among nature and have a deep connection to the eco-system and our place in it. I love seeing accounts that inspire people to grow their own and connect to where our food comes from like Milkwood Permaculture does.

Few years ago I attend one of their workshops with one of the founders Nick Ritar (@milkwood_nick) and I’ve never been so excited about soil… seriously!! I finally understood why my Dad was so passionate about it.

BONUS: @rhys_travis_mckay

My husband… He isn’t on any other social media (Although Rhys has been joining me in The Wholehearted Way on Facebook via my account).

I love his upbeat energy, inspiring captions and he also has an eye for taking photos.


LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU – in the comments below share which Instagram accounts you follow that inspire you!

PS. You are invited to my free group for those wanting to live The Wholehearted Way click the picture below. Coming Up: catch the interview with Damon Gameau from That Sugar Film @thatsugarfilm

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